Projects include work from the Adobe Creative Suite including, but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

A website screen shot I created for a medical consultant.

A website I created for a medical consultant is shown to the left. This consultant wanted a clean, concise website that she could easily edit and add content to herself, so we chose to use WordPress. I added blog articles she had written along with scholarly sources and her books for sale.

Another project site I created was during my Masters year. The prompt was to create a site about a topic you were passionate about, so naturally I chose cats. This site had facts about cats, a lightbox gallery of famous instagram cats and more.

One of my favorite projects was creating a new brand image for a start-up company out of Orlando. This included creating a brand guide, logo and marketing materials. Among the marketing materials, we created a business card and shipping materials, which you can see to the left and above.

For this project, I created a fictional cafe and created a brand surrounding this cafe. I created the Niffler’s Nest, which sold Harry Potter themed bakery items as well as beverages. For this I chose a minimalist and earthy aesthetic and used screen grabs from the movie to add to the authenticity.

For this project, I created a brand guide based on a fictional company I created, called Digital Duck. I chose a color palette, fonts, created a logo and favicon as well as brand guidelines for maintaining a consistent brand identity.